StayTeen: Helping Youths Prepare Informed Decisions About Their Future

The 411: Since 2006, is the # 1 site for teens, motivating these to delight in their particular youth and come up with existence’s greatest selections, like when you should have intercourse, if they’re absolutely prepared, with a revamped look, they’re performing that better than ever before.

Whenever teenagers wish somewhere to go to discover more about sex, maternity, interactions and stuff like that, they do not truly go to government websites. They desire someplace of one’s own, in fact it is exactly why was created.

Over the past nine years, Stay Teen is the go-to resource for teenagers, an unique spot-on websites just for them where they’re able to get details that deals with the problems they value more without causing them to feel embarrassed or embarrassed.

Today, Stay teenage is actually debuting a brand new look many completely new functions, with a significant focus becoming well quality content.

“We’re really excited about it because we have now discovered much regarding what our very own audience desires, so we’ve especially put a focus on area,” stated Jessica Sheets Pika, director of communications. “We know teens like to talk about these things, however in a place which is as well as non-judgmental, so we made a proper work on centering on enabling kids to touch upon producing a place where capable ask a lot of questions and find out responses.”

Stay Teen’s users vary in many years from 13 to 17, although web site conforms the articles depending on the age degree and scenario. In keeping with this motif, keep teenage offers even more content that is compiled by teenagers, including subject areas like preventing maternity and soon you’re ready, creating healthy relationships, handling breakups and a lot more.

“All of those issues that cope with gender, relationships, matchmaking and anything under that large umbrella is actually that which we speak about, and then we make an effort to concentrate on carrying it out such that is extremely teen-friendly,” Sheets Pika said.

We spoke with Sheets Pika to obtain additional details in what the latest website entails, in addition to the profitable sources keep teenage consistently offer.

Getting kids in the motorist’s seat

While keep teenage’s top post is actually “Is It Possible To Get Pregnant If…?” this new web site will take care of a much broader number of subjects, such as the dangers of non-safe sex, the way to select top particular contraception available and how to talk about those difficulties with a family doctor.

“That article features actually shown you our target is actually checking out gender as well as their sexuality, and they are undecided just what outcomes are using this behavior,” Sheets Pika stated.

Not all things are changing.

Stay Teen still has some very nice features that have long been very useful to its market, such as their own health Center Finder that helps teenagers find physicians close by and the Method Explorer which allows kids to know about various forms of birth control and what type my work good for all of them.

“We think this is really useful to teenagers because most of the time, they don’t want their unique moms and dads understand they may be obtaining contraception, so they want to determine someplace they can go that is cheap, non-judgmental and some destination they can stroll or bus to,” she stated. “our very own aim is put kids in motorist’s seat with training themselves on different types of techniques. Our very own information is actually we desire that delight in your teen many years and hesitate sex unless you’re actually ready, which could suggest when you are older.”

Bridging the gap between adolescents and parents

From helpful solutions to enjoyable video games to collaborative events, like 14th Annual National Day to stop teenage Pregnancy that motivates people to take into account how an unplanned pregnancy would transform their unique life, adolescents and parents identical are furnished with many good information owing to Stay Teen.

“adolescents tend to be studying items that they didn’t if not understand, and even more notably, these include writing on the website making use of their pals, with the boyfriends and, contrary to popular belief, with regards to moms and dads,” Sheets Pika mentioned. “Our aim is have significantly more available and honest conversations among adolescents and moms and dads.”

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