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Audirvana settings and a question regarding DSD | Headphone Reviews and Discussion – X audio Player Review

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The High Resolution digital audio player. Enjoy all your streaming and local music with the best playback sound quality. Free trial. They default at , but for SoX it was advised to set it at 95%, so have done the same for r8brain, as I feel at it’s too bright. Just. Select tracks where they are, select three dots on left of tracks selected add to play queue. Why not syncing while playing? never.

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Адрес you only use one player you get the illusion that Foobar is pous colorless. Actually, it is somewhat a non sequitar — it is assuming that your audirvana plus sox settings free for Skepticism is the as the legion of O2 fans who berated Mike for daring to have a subjective opinion that varied from the measurements, so I was more приведенная ссылка to them, without wanting them to come back and cause more noise again, lol.


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Discussion in ‘ Audio Hardware ‘ started by Tone? Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: San Francisco. Takes a touch away from the attack. But it does add instrument separation for sure. That is easy to hear. On The detail enhancement is pretty easy to tell also. Location: Austin.

I have used Audirvana for a while, and now have “Studio”– never messed with upsampling- I do have quibbles about quirks in the user interface, but sonically, it’s surprisingly good running on a dedicated Mac mini late that I bought new a couple years ago– There aren’t that many dedicated player devices that run Audirvana — I guess part of it is simple business economics of wanting to keep all the money.

I have two DACs, neither of which are state of the art, but one is old skool R2R type and the other a delta sigma, which though cheap, is surprisingly good on a high end system. I have not gotten my digital front end to anywhere near where my analog is.

Not against upsampling but have enough on my plate Sorry if this isn’t fully responsive to your thread. Bill Hart , Sep 26, Bill Hart likes this. Location: Maui, Hawaii. HQPlayer, in terms of upsampling, is quite a bit more sophisticated than Audirvana, which I also own. DancingSea , Sep 26, Ham Sandwich , Sep 26, Location: NJ.

I have used Audirvana and HQPlayer since they were introduced. If you don’t have a DSD-capable dac, you are not going to get the best out of it. I’ve played around with the upsampling, but just played straight at native sample rates, Audirvana has the edge in imaging and resolution, plus all the bells and whistles and add-ons anyone could want in a digital music player. A great product.

Equivalent or potentially better than the Chord M Scaler. The Chord filters are PCM. Audirvana is certainly way way easier to use. For me, both types of upsampling worked extremely well, better than Audirvana.

Ha guys. All that is good but what is your experience with upsampling? When I listen to different filters and different DACs I tend to listen more for layering and separation and imaging location ability in 3D and the ability to play sounds both close and far. I like to be able to hear where sounds are. Chamber orchestra recordings can be a good demo for this.

The recordings are generally minimally miced with the microphones arranged and positioned to hear natural imaging. I want to be able to hear where each instrument is in a chamber orchestra. I don’t want all the violins to merge into one.

I want to be able to hear each one and know which one is playing each part. I want to be able to hear if an instrument is in the front row, second row, or third row. I also want to be able to a singer being close to the mic and being farther away. There are some filters that produce big soundstage but everything ends up farther away with close mic sounds sounding too far away.

If everything is far there can be no close. I want filters and DACs that can also provide that close when the singer or instrument is close. I have found in general that linear phase filters do all that in combination the best. I tend to prefer linear phase sinc style filters. With HQPlayer I’ve been playing mostly with the sinc filters.

Atmospheric , Tone? Location: Savage. I didn’t even know Audirvana did upsampling variants. I’ll have to play around with them. I haven’t counted but I’d guess HQPlayer has around 30 different upsampling options if your pc can handle all of them. Many use the cpu heavily. My pc won’t take DSD higher. What I find with some of the HQP filters is that there are varying amounts of dynamics, varying frequency response, and varying imaging from time domain affects.

Kyhl , Sep 26, Kyhl likes this. The Schiit filter does close better. The sinc- filters in HQP make close sound farther away. I get more separation and better imaging placement with the HQP sinc- filters, but I lose some sense of being close, some sense of “you are there”.

I still need to play around more with the filter settings in HQP. Try poly-sinc-gauss. It’s a little rolled off and not as dynamic but I think it keeps better time coherence which creates better imaging. When hearing it i wondered if it was closer to the closed loop burrito Last edited: Sep 27, Ham Sandwich likes this. Ham Sandwich , Sep 27, Location: South Bend, IN. I think those are pretty new.

At least I don’t recall seeing them when I first started with it, and when I did notice them a couple minor versions ago – they were a little glitchy. I upgraded to the latest and they are fine now. I use poly-sinc-gauss-long most often now. Previously it was Sinc-Mx and poly-sinc-ext2 from memory, may be slightly different name.

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Upsampling with Audirvana.Resample (Upsample) Wav Without Interpolation (Sox)

The recommended setting here is SoX VHQ Intermediate Perhaps a good comparison is to Audirvana Free, which is free. I have thus far managed to convince the skeptics the audio performance Audirvana Plus has to offer. When I compare this to my first experience, the free. I recently took advantage of the free trial for Sonar Works and it What I have found worthwhile is the ability to use SoX upsampling in.

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