Acronis true image 2017 freezes while backing up free download

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Acronis true image 2017 freezes while backing up free download.61362: Acronis True Image: Error when backing up or recovering OneDrive folder

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So I search for “Thunderbird” and it is found, but then a few seconds later the program freezes. What type of backup are you trying to restore files from? For Thunderbird, you should be looking for your Profile folder and just restoring this if you are wanting страница recover your email settings etc.

See webpage ‘ Moving your profile folder ‘ for help in finding the profile folder. Acronis never got to the point where it was restoring files. It froze a few seconds after finding Thunderbird in the search.

Also, I had to search because the file tree would not expand to show what files and folders were in C:, for acronis true image 2017 freezes while backing up free download. Mike, I would suggest trying a Repair Install at this point and see if that moves things forward. To do the Repair Install, download the ATI Installer program from your Acronis account webpage then run this to install over the top of your existing software without uninistalling.

The acronis true image 2017 freezes while backing up free download consideration here is to ensure that ATI is whitelisted for your security programs so that these are not getting involved when ATI runs. Authored on. Order Asc Desc. Date within – Any – 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year. Acronis freezes. Thread needs solution. Mike Meier. Posts: 4. Comments: 6. OS is WinXP. Steve Smith. Posts: Comments: смотрите подробнее Mike, sorry but more details are needed to understand what is happening here?

What version of Acronis True Image are you using here? Where is the backup image located, i. Products: Acronis True Image 9. Thanks for the больше информации. The version is Acronis True Image I am trying to restore a folder.

The backup is on a local USB hard drive. The uploaded image shows Читать больше after it has frozen. Attachment Size PNG



Acronis true image 2017 freezes while backing up free download


If it is the case, wait for its completion or stop the process manually to proceed with Acronis installation. Lockup issues can be caused by a corrupt installer, hence make sure you downloaded the file completely and checked MD5 check sum. Generally, how to proceed with lockup issues, see in Acronis Software: Troubleshooting Application Lockups. If files of an older Acronis version cannot be removed correctly, use the Cleanup Utility.

Components missing after installation Symptoms: Installed Acronis product cannot be launched Product startup icon is missing Acronis Windows services missing or cannot start Possible causes: Installation is corrupt Some installation or configuration issue Antivirus software blocked some components Troubleshooting: It is possible that installation completed with errors, in this case try to repair installation or install from scratch.

If product startup icon is missing and product cannot be launched, try to repair installation or install from scratch. License issues Issues with components dependencies and other Acronis products User-related issues insufficient rights, incorrect credentials etc. Troubleshooting: Check if there are any installation-related error messages in the Windows event logs Make exclusions to the antivirus software as described in Acronis Software: Making Acronis Products Compatible with Antivirus Software.

User-related issues insufficient rights, incorrect credentials etc. The best way to resolve Windows issues is to reinstall operating system, but check Acronis and Microsoft support first, if there any known related issues with solutions. Installation fails with error Symptoms: Installation fails with an error message displayed. Possible causes: Acronis Services cannot be registered properly during installation The Windows Installer process has insufficient contiguous virtual memory to verify that the.

An issue with your Windows operating system which is unable to install the redistributable components of C Runtime. Troubleshooting: Check the quick solutions section. Proceed to collect information step. Failure on unregistering modules Previous installation corrupt Installation package missing in operating system Access denied issues Troubleshooting: Try to uninstall everything from Acronis using Control panel in Windows.

Hopefully some of the Acronis MVPs will offer suggestions. In the mean time I suggest you open a ticket with Acronis support. Driver incompatibilities can be difficult to diagnose. The support team my have tools to help.

Windows 10 x64 Pro, Intel i7 , 3. I doubt that it is Active Protection causing the problem, but you could try turning it off. During beta testing I had freezing, but that occurred when using the Acronis App, not while Acronis was backing up in background. Acronis Backup Crash. Thread needs solution. Forum Member. Posts: 6. Comments: Windows is also up to date: version The anti-virus is Kaspersky – we have tried turning this off but no difference. Can you tell us what else to try as it has been very time consuming and we are getting nowhere.

Steve Smith. Posts: I would recommend making a fresh clean install of ATIH build as follows: First, uninstall the current Acronis product normally via the Control Panel. Products: Acronis True Image 9. I will deinstall and try again. The system report is attached. What do I need to look for? Attachment Size Forum Hero. You should probably look at several things here: Is your Sony system overclocked? Thank you I have tried this with no luck. For instuctions on how to do this and dowlnoad linke see following Knowedge Base entry:.

The only hair-raising bit is editing the registry – you should create a backup before doing so. That said last time I ran the utility there was nothing in the registry that I had to delete. Once you hace completed the cleanup and rebooted, install ATI It should find all your backups.

The failure to backup one or more files as suggested by the error message could suggest there is a problem with the HDD; either physical damage or file system error. I would suggest running the drive manufacturers disk utility which may find and fix the problem. I have found using such utilities can be more successful in resolving issue than running Windows chkdsk. Cannot at the moment remeber the chkdsk switches that should be used, but I’m sure someone will post them.

Using VSS Doctor. Normally, VSS should be set to “manual” and kick on when it’s called upon. However, if the service has an issue, it may not be able to. You can try setting the VSS service to start as “automatic” and also manually “start” it before attempting a backup to see if it does start correctly. In some cases, VSS can get out of whack due to problems that transpire with “system protection”.

I’ve seen systems that have multiple C: drives listed in “system protection” when there should only be one, and other weird issues. Often times, just disabling system protection and enabling again can fix VSS trouble.

The downside is you lose restore points, but can immediately create a new one manually after you turn it on again and then new ones will get created along the way. And last, but not least, you can attempt to repair the Windows VSS service. I don’t normally like to reference competing products, but this has the exact steps listed to do this and also offers.

I just don’t want anyone to think that I’m stealing from their work and trying to pawn it off as my own, so here is the reference:. Is the VSSfix download installation predicated on your operating system, which mine is a 64bit system? I don’t understand the question – are you asking if your OS is bit? If you’re not sure, you can check it a number of ways. Or, right click on “computer” or “my computer” and click on properties. There is a section “System” that has the “System type” which will say bit Operating System if it’s bit.

I have not had to run the VSS repair myself. It’s only a suggestion if all else fails as it may fix it for your. The script is nothing special. Rob, I think that the question here may be whether the vssfix exes from the Macrium site are related to a specific version of Windows OS, i. I suspect that it should given that it is just reregistering the VSS components but again this is not something I have had any need to test for myself. Steve Smith: I have not tried either.

I believe it would be compatible from Vista to Win 10 as the files referenced are all the same and exist on my Win7 and Win10 system. I’d recommend a backup before trying though to be on the safe side.

Otherwise, one could re-register the VSS componenents each one-by-one and check the services manually or follow the Microsoft KB article instead which has a fixit tool as well. SteveT: Yes, x64 for bit. Sounds like it didn’t help. You said you tried all o this, so you also tried:. If so, I would attempt an offline backup using your recovery media and see if it has any luck too.

If that can’t get through it, here is a possiblity that you have corruption on your disk and may want to try a third party disk checker tool. With the particular error you’re getting, either it sounds like the disk is in some trouble, or something is wrong with VSS in Windows. The offline backup with Acronis recovery media should help identify if it’s VSS or the disk.

If it’s successful, chances are it’s VSS. If it’s not successful, chances are it’s something on the disk itself. Steve T, check the ownership and permissions of the Folder which gives the error you must have admin rights as the logged on user or VSS will fail in the manner in which you describe. I successfully copied all the files one primary folder at a time from my D drive to the external drive and started a complete file backup with Acronis and bingo, no problems.

It is possible that there is a problem with the HDD that checkdsk cannot find – for example a failing controller pcb. Or it could even be an iffy SATA cable or power cable. I have had both happen to me. I have aslo has issues that ultimately were due to a faulty USB 3 cable.

If you have a different enclosure for your external drive, try that with the same cable. Then try with a different cable and if need be, try with a different USB port like front port instead of rear port or vice-versa.

USB performance varies all over the place. Even on my main desktop, my front ports are faster than the rear ones, but the rear ones have a higher power rating so work better with spinning drives. I can take the same drive and cable and plug it on the back ports without issue. With cables sometmes reseating them can fix issues as well. I have gotten into the habit of doing that with my machines about once a year during my regular cleaning routines and that has helped me to not ahve experiences with flaky issues like that here.

Well gents, I guess I spoke too soon. Even with a replacement drive, sitll getting the deep freeze. I even tried to back up to a different NAS unit and same thing. Guess it’s not a bad NAS or cable. Is it possible there is something else going on hardware wise, disk controller or something like that? Steve, have you tried disabling VSS for this specific task to see if the old Acronis snapshot function hits the same issue?

Open a Windows Command prompt then issue the mountvol. Stange thing is that when it gets into the frozen mode, there is nothing I can do to clear the progam other than do a hard stop – power off the system then unisntall acronis and reinstall. Do do this, I will create the backup and select run later. Then go in and modify the script, save the file, then run the backup. I have updated the Script as outlined with “false”. It gets to about the 4GB processed of back up and Freezes.

That is where I am at at this moment. I have the same problem as Bruno originally described in the OP – ATI locks my machine up, even if it is not actively performing a backup. I waited 15 mins and nothing changed – it was frozen. It had not been sent to check network options or perform any actions.

There are no external devices attached. I submitted a help ticket to Acronis customer support but I have not heard any input. I will just hang in here for another couple of days and post any solution or source of the problem.

Also, what OS version was used to create it? We’ve found that creating winre media with windows insider preview builds is often very buggy due to the WinRE not being complete by MS in insider builds. Install it and the Winpe component and rebuild rescue media with the Acronis advanced option and ADK.

Then build the Winpe and try it out. Also, are you sure it’s completely frozen? Try right clicking the desired tib to see if it gives the recovery option from there.

At times, I’ve started a receiver and picked a. Right clicking the selected. I ran the boot media builder and selected Advanced. I then booted off the USB stick and it worked fine.

It had the same graphics and loaded the same as the WinPE version and the file was MB larger, but it was also fully stable and the Win command line ran in the background as well. The new USB disk not being formatted or initialized should have been detected by your original system assuming Windows 10 as well as Windows 7.

It’s not uncommon that a new drive will not be initialized at all, and should be standard practice to initialize it with Windows disk management and format it as desired. If the drive is not initialized and not available to Windows, Acronis will not be able to use it as a target for rescue media creation since it is a program that runs on top of Windows As for the rescue media variances Linux is a free distro that can be distributed and that is why you’ll see a pre-staged.

You must create it on a fully licensed version of Windows OS. The reason WinRE is larger than WinPE is that it includes other packages by default, not found natively in ADK – some of which include the local system drivers the system where the winre was taken from , wireless support services and bitlocker support.

WinPE, is a stripped down version of WinRE that is more “generic” since it doesn’t have the preinstalled system drivers. This can be ideal in some situations where you don’t want to have competing drivers causing issues at startup remember it’s basically a Windows OS. In order to add things like bitlocker support, you have to manually add those packages too. As each package is added, the size of your resulting media will grow. Overall, MB is not going to make the rescue media much faster or slower and doesn’t take up a bunch of space.

Media builder complied a MB file size and began to execute the build. It proceeed for about 3 mins and then reported that it could not write to the USB but gave no reason or option. When I inserted that USB into my Windows 7 machine, it also recognized and display it but it asked if I wanted it formatted.

It was only after it did a quick format and left it as exFAT, that the media builder on the Win 10 laptop asked to reformat it. I think ATI media builder has a flaw in its program code.

Clearly the ATI boot builder uses the new environment to build boot media that work. However before I did the installs, the recovery media builder did not function properly.


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With Acronis True Image, creating a full image backup on an external hard drive is as easy as two clicks. Once the drive is connected and Acronis True Image is running, you click Add backup. The entire computer is the default backup source, so you simply need to assign the external drive as the Backup destination and then click Back up now. Sep 21,  · Acronis True Image Build Multilingual Protect everything with full image backup on Windows and Mac: the operating system, programs, settings, files, and boot information. Back up to external drives, NAS devices, network shares, and cloud with just two clicks. Back up phones and tablets: iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Back up. Jun 14,  · I’m using Windows 10 and True Image I recently backed up GB of data from my C drive to an external hard disk because I had to wipe my PC clean and rebuild. Before wiping the data clean from my PC I had True Image validate the data backup — at least, I *think* I did. I ran the validation process, the progress bar at the bottom of the screen went all the way across (took a couple of.

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