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View Notes – Microsoft-WordKeyboard-Shortcuts from BUSINESS at Benedictine University, Springfield. Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts Display and use. Study Resources. Main Menu; by School; Earn Free Access Learn More > Upload Documents. Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word Display and use windows ALT+TAB Switch to the next window. ALT+SHFT+TAB Switch to the previous window. CTRL+W or CTRL+F4 Close the active window. ALT+F5 Restore the size of the active window after you maximize it. Move to a task pane from another pane in the. Jan 20,  · Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts Print and preview documents CTRL+P Print a document. ALT+CTRL+I Switch in or out of print preview. Arrow keys Move around the preview page when zoomed in. PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN Move by one preview page when zoomed out. CTRL+HOME Move to the first preview page when zoomed replace.metion: Instructor.


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Share Email. Top clipped slide. Microsoft wordkeyboard-shortcuts Jun. Download Now Download Download to read offline. Saeed H Follow. Student at University Of Haripur. Computer shortcuts and Special characters. Microsoft Word – Keyboard Shortcuts. Computer shortcut pdf for more book www. More Related Content Viewers also liked. Shortcut keys of windows operating system and windows.

Microsoft word all key board shortcut keys. Excel shortcut and function keys. Microsoft word shortcut keys. Computer Keyboard shortcut keys by Aamir Khan.

Similar to Microsoft wordkeyboard-shortcuts. Excel keyboard shortcut. Microsoft word keyboard shortcut. Keyboard shortcuts in word for mac. Keyboard shortcuts for power point Micosoft Office Excel short cut keys. Computer applications in business assignment. More from S. Political Development from to Constitutional Development from to Easy Arabic grammar part 3.

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Is vc still a thing final. The GaryVee Content Model. Mammalian Brain Chemistry Explains Everything. Inside Google’s Numbers in Designing Teams for Emerging Challenges. UX, ethnography and possibilities: for Libraries, Museums and Archives. Related Books Free with a 14 day trial from Scribd. Uncommon Carriers John McPhee.

The Art of War Sun Tsu. Related Audiobooks Free with a 14 day trial from Scribd. Elizabeth Howell. Microsoft wordkeyboard-shortcuts 1. F6 Move to a task pane from another pane in the program window clockwise direction.

You may need to press F6 more than once. TAB Move to the next option or option group. Arrow keys Move microsoft office word 2007 keyboard shortcuts pdf free options in an open drop-down list, or between options in a group of options. First letter of an option in a drop-down list Select an option from a drop-down list.

ESC Close a selected drop-down list; cancel a command and close a dialog box. Microsoft office word 2007 keyboard shortcuts pdf free Move to the end of the entry. F12 Display the Save As dialog box. F5 Update the file list. Undo and redo actions ESC Cancel an action. Access and use task panes and galleries F6 Move to a task pane from another pane in the program window. If more than one smart tag is present, switch to the next smart tag and display its menu or message.

ESC Close the smart tag menu or message. Change the keyboard focus without using the mouse ALT or F Press either of these keys again to move back to the document and cancel the access keys.

Select the active tab of the Ribbon and activate the access keys. F1 Get help on the selected command or control on the Ribbon. If no Help topic is associated with the selected command, a general Help topic about the program is shown instead. Press the arrow keys to select an option, and then press ENTER to browse through a document by using the selected option.

Arrow keys Move around the preview page when zoomed in. END Go to end of document. ESC Exit reading layout view. F9 Acdsee ultimate 8 license key free download. For example, to insert the euro currency symbol, hold down ALT and press on the numeric keypad.

Extend a selection F8 Turn extend mode on. F8 press once to select a word, twice to select a sentence, and so on Increase the size microsoft office word 2007 keyboard shortcuts pdf free a selection. ESC Turn extend mode off. Select text and graphics in a table TAB Select the next cell’s contents.

Hold microsoft office word 2007 keyboard shortcuts pdf free Shift and press an arrow key repeatedly Extend a selection to adjacent cells. Use the arrow keys to move to the column’s top or bottom cell.

Select a column. F9 Update selected fields.


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