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The CSI Las Vegas television series has allowed viewers worldwide to enter inside a crime lab where great steps take place in the investigation of many criminal cases thanks to scientific methods.

In this game, we’ll take on the role of various members of Gil Grissom’s team of investigators. Just as it happens in the series, the different members of the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation team have to investigate different cases, each with their own peculiarities. Being the fourth instalment of the video game series , CSI Hard Evidence is an excellent graphical adventure that evolves around the investigation.

Thus, finding hidden clues, paying special attention to detail or making the appropriate question will help us to finish the game. CSI Hard Evidence accurately recreates many of the locations that we have seen in the series. From the CSI Lab to the crime scenes. Furthermore, we’ll have the tools that we have seen in the series to help us to find the culprits. Provide your little bit of help to solve the investigations once you download CSI Hard Evidence Vote 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Requirements and additional information:.

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There were no visible signs of a struggle and it’s estimated that it took less than a night before the victim was finished off. We have proof that our suspect was able to lead the victim willingly by the hand to an early exit and after digging around for clues, we can confirm that limited interaction with the environment was a major accelerant.

Furthermore, dusting for prints on objects not relating to direct completion of puzzles also proved pointless. Initial glances showed probable cause for greater application but the suspect only needed to use basic methods of operation to finish off the victim and wipe the whole ordeal out of their memory after a very short while. Surveying all the evidence, it’s easy to see this is the work of someone attempting to gain notoriety on the back of more well-known cases. However, the execution does show signs of being somewhat intelligent and entertaining.

On the basis of this we suggest bringing the quality of the license and the end product in for questioning. Browse games Game Portals. There are also a number of annoying bugs plaguing the game, even after installing the patch that’s supposed to fix them. If you’re enough of a fan to forgive its frustrating moments, Dark Motives’ five cases will give you a few evenings’ worth of semi-interactive intrigue, but not much more.

CSI: Dark Motives is an adventure game without the adventure, a game that is built around the concept of solving a puzzle but does most of the thinking for you.

The game is a stinker, but the concept really shines so I refuse to give up on the franchise just yet. Taken alone, the plots for each crime are pretty good, each offering up there own series of twists and turns and requiring a lot of thinking to get to the whodunit part of the game.

The problem is your lead to the inevitable finale by the hand. Each crime starts by describing the basics of what happened and then plopping you in a static location. The interface is absolutely horrendous. You’re basic frozen in the middle of a degree picture that you can swivel around with your mouse. The mouse changes colors when there is something you can zoom in on. This system is also how you ‘discover’? If you are so inclined, you can literally slide your pointer around the screen until you see it change colors, and then try using every tool on the object until it hands up the evidence you need to forward the plot ‘ no critical thinking is needed.

Subject interviews are handled just as poorly. You click on a person and then click on the questions. It doesn’t matter what questions you ask or in what order and you will need to eventually ask all of them.

Finding clues and interviewing people inevitably gives you new locations to go to where you repeat the above steps, eventually solving the crime. CSI: Dark Motives has somehow turned a subject ripe with gaming potential into something that is pure process and no fun, forcing you to spend all of your time doing the most mundane parts of your favorite adventure games with little or no reward.

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