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First, create a new track with the file where you want to remove the reverb. It can be either mono or stereo – it works in both cases. Remember that you’ll need to choose the appropriate plugin based on that. Create an audio track with the file. Create The Bus Send. Create a . May 25,  · If your DAW doesn’t have a convolution reverb, check out Melda’s MConvolutionEZ. It’s a free convolution reverb. And it has everything you need to start making beautiful, realistic reverb sounds. You can even import new impulse responses. So if you have third party IRs or record your own, you can use them with MConvolutionEZ. Convology XT—Free convolution reverb plugin. Convology XT makes it incredibly easy to audition any preset, from any unit, on the fly—no need to import. Free factory plugin—includes 70 vintage impulse response files! This FREE plugin features a sampling of files contained in the Convology XT Library! There are no time limitations, iLok, or frustrating unlocking hoops to .


Convolution reverb logic pro x free


Convolver is a convolution effect processor that uses impulse response IR to generate various types of effects, including reverb. An impulse response is a recording of a loud click in a specific location or passed through one or a series of hardware gear. So, you could create an impulse response of your guitar amp, vintage effect units, and filters alongside strange locations like a pipe.

Import them into Convolver, and it emulates the effect instantly. Key Features:. Convolver is available for Windows 10 or higher and macOS Convolution is one of the preferred ways to generate a realistic reverb effect.

It can capture the exact sound of a specific hall from a particular position of listening and reproduce the experience using mathematical processing. Most other convolution effects provide a large collection of built-in impulse responses. And while Convolver does come with over three hundred IR samples , it maintains modesty to lower its price. So, if you want a high-quality, straightforward convolution effect that can load custom samples , Convolver is an ideal choice. At the center of the UI is the visualization zone.

You can use the Panel Selector at the bottom to browse between visualization zones or collapse them altogether. The top panel contains the controls for Reverberation, Effects, and Mix. Character and Sound:. In other words, you control the sound. This plugin is available for bit only macOS Versatility is the name of the game with this convolution reverb plugin.

Reverberate 3 is a plugin for reverb aficionados who want to immerse the listeners in the recording. An awesome plugin to have in your collection. Operating in Normal or True Stereo modes, the Fog Convolver offers over impulse responses, with a free expansion containing 40 more. It lets you lock your parameters as you change presets, as well as export WAV files to use the edited IRs outside the plugin.

With a satisfying set of parameters, the Fog Convolver gives you enough control to make your IRs even more unique. The Fog Convolver is a great convolution reverb plugin that delivers simple solutions without getting in the way of your sound. This plugin handles true stereo IRs in a four-step modulation chain. The parameters range from the usual suspects to the unexpected , which lets you achieve organic and unreal-sounding results. The factory IRs sound amazing and the interface is very straightforward.

The Altiverb 7, by Audio Ease, contains hundreds of built-in IRs recorded at various places in the world. You can use the menu to search by keyword, size, or kind of room. On top of that, it lets you shape the EQ in a four-band graphic, add artificial brightness and reverse the reverb signal. The difference from Altiverb to most other Convolution Reverb plugins is its extensive IRs library that encompasses music production and audio post for video.

An excellent plugin for both music and audio post-production. The ongoing IRs updates make it a convolution reverb industry standard. Consequently, it is priced accordingly, out of reach of many bedroom producers. The high level of detail in Spaces 2 is astonishing; by selecting an exclusive instrument reflection, you can set the reverb to behave ideally according to the featured instrument.

The plugin includes hundreds of environments, opera houses, catacombs, train stations; any producer will have a stunning palette of the reflective fields to choose from with Spaces 2.

This plugin is available for Windows 10 or higher and macOS Spaces 2 is a modern convolution reverb by Eastwest Sounds.

The plugin is highly versatile in providing specific reverb for any track by featuring an instrument-specific preset dedicated to some orchestral instruments.

The many preset that the plugin offers are astounding; you can select from an extensive list of environments and ambients to emulate authentic early reflections and tail recordings for any audio. Each band supports two IRs, whether generated by the plugin or imported as files. The plugin also comes with Melda signature features, such as global and per-band randomization, Edit Mode, and several hidden settings menus in which you can fully customize your sound.

At the end of the signal chain, there is a master equalizer that affects the reverb sound before it blends back with the dry signal. In it, there is a saturation knob that simulates the soft saturation an analog equalizer would add to the sound. Alternatively, you can add saturation through the EQ available within each Kernel. Containing an extensive library of IRs from famous places around the world, the IR1 also supports your own files.

It provides the standard controls expected from a convolution reverb, plus a couple of nice additions. Moreover, the damping section lets you make precise adjustments. The IR1 is a clean-sounding plugin that delivers smooth convolution. This plugin works efficiently with true stereo files and the IR collection is satisfying in number and sound quality.

The IRs were captured from famous spring, plate, and even algorithmic reverbs from the last 50 years. The plugin also boasts an impressive collection of over unique stereo and true stereo IRs. The interface keeps it simple but allows some interesting sound tweaks. This is not a plugin for extreme creative uses.

The parameters will help you tune the sound to your taste in a transparent way. Unless you crank up the input and normalize the output. The parameters are a little limited if you want to go wild with your IRs, but the number of presets is a hard point to ignore. You can also buy the additional parts of the library, which total files.

Among those are sampled amplifiers, all kinds of springs and DSPs, tape delays, and many more. It solves the problem some plugins pose regarding file browsing, and the analog sample collection is astounding. The plugin analyzes the impulse response file, breaks it down, and resynthesizes it to create new authentic locations. Apart from that, it offers a wide array of controls.

Additionally, you can access the Settings panel to reach routing controls for surround information. The IR library is extremely realistic and since you can tweak the sound to your liking, it is also versatile. Paragon is available for bit only macOS And before we start, this is not a free version of that plugin.

The ConvolutionEZ is a single-band convolution reverb with a surprisingly big impulse response library. You can apply low- and high-pass filters and blend the input and output signals.

Other than that, you can enhance the stereo widening and, when using a stereo input, you can check the balance between the mid and side channels using the Width meter.

The second Melda Productions plugin on this list is a freeware that can hardly live up in versatility to its paid cousin. Convolution Reverb also includes a utility for creating your own reverb spaces. Use it to get a perfect sample from your own hardware or just drag and drop an audio file into the Convolution Reverb device.

You don’t even need to stick to reverberant spaces. Experiment with a variety of sounds and explore new spaces. Made in collaboration with Alex Harker at Huddersfield University, Convolution Reverb offers zero latency for a lush, natural sound. It also includes over IRs from professional acousticians, featuring spaces from around the world, vintage hardware, experimental sounds, and more. Share this: Ableton on Facebook Ableton on Twitter.

A comprehensive toolkit of otherworldly strikes, atmospheres and textures for game, film and television scoring, and experimental music production. Dub Machines is a pair of expertly designed Max for Live devices that reproduce, and expand on the sound of classic tape and analog delays. With vintage character, extensive control and deep sound-shaping capabilities, Dub Machines is ready to take any sound into space.


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