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Windows Windows. Most Popular. New Releases. Desktop Enhancements. Networking Software. Trending from CNET. Visit Site. Clicking on посмотреть больше Download Now Visit Site button above will open a connection to a third-party site. Developer’s Description By Adobe photoshop elements 8 panorama free download Systems. Adobe Photoshop Photoshpp 8 and Adobe Premiere Elements 8 Bundle software gives you power and ease of use so you can do some amazing storytelling with photos and videos.

Create extraordinary photos and incredible movies, and use them together in cinematic slide shows and more.

Full Specifications. What’s new in version 8. Slements September 22, Date Added September 23, Version 8. Operating Systems. Additional Requirements Color monitor with bit color video card and Microsoft DirectX 9 compatible display driver. Total Downloads 20, Downloads Last Week Report Software. Related Software. IrfanView bit Free. View and edit most graphics formats simply and quickly. NET Free. Master the subtleties of panoraama and photo editing with a vast array of sophisticated yet powerful tools.

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Adobe photoshop elements 8 panorama free download.Download Adobe Photoshop Elements full Version for free


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Adobe photoshop elements 8 panorama free download


Overlap images sufficiently. If the overlap is less, Photomerge may not be able to automatically assemble the panorama. However, keep in mind that the images shouldn’t overlap too much. Try to keep the individual photos at least somewhat distinct from each other. Use one focal length. If you use a zoom lens, don’t change the focal length zoom in or out while taking your pictures.

Keep the camera level. Although Photomerge can process slight rotations between pictures, a tilt of more than a few degrees can result in errors when the panorama is assembled.

Using a tripod with a rotating head helps maintain camera alignment and viewpoint. Stay in the same position. Try not to change your position as you take a series of photographs, so that the pictures are from the same viewpoint. Using the optical viewfinder with the camera held close to the eye helps keep the viewpoint consistent.

Or try using a tripod to keep the camera in the same place. Avoid using distortion lenses. Distortion lenses can interfere with Photomerge. However, the Auto option adjusts for images taken with fish-eye lenses. Maintain the same exposure. Avoid using the flash in some pictures and not in others.

The blending features in Photomerge helps smooth out different exposures, but extreme differences make alignment difficult. Some digital cameras change exposure settings automatically as you take pictures, so you may need to check your camera settings to be sure that all the images have the same exposure.

To select image files or a folder of images, click the Browse button and navigate to the files or folder. Photoshop analyzes the source images and applies either a Perspective, Cylindrical, and Spherical layout, depending on which produces a better photomerge. Creates a consistent composition by designating one of the source images by default, the middle image as the reference image.

The other images are then transformed repositioned, stretched or skewed as necessary so that overlapping content across layers is matched.

Overlapping content across files is still matched. The reference image is placed at the center. Best suited for creating wide panoramas. Aligns and transforms the images as if they were for mapping the inside of a sphere, which simulates the experience of viewing a degree panorama. If you have taken a set of images that cover degrees, use this for degree panoramas. You might also use Spherical to produce nice panoramic results with other file sets.

Aligns the layers and matches overlapping content and transforms rotate or scale any of the source layers. Aligns the layers and matches overlapping content, but does not transform stretch or skew any of the source layers. Blend Images Together. Finds the optimal borders between the images and creates seams based on those borders, and color matches the images. With Blend Images Together turned off, a simple rectangular blend is performed.

This may be preferable if you intend to retouch the blending masks by hand. This bug appears to be fixed in PSE 8.

Both can do a good job of backing up your catalog, but they have their pros and cons. Adobe also markets syncing with Photoshop. The PSE backup command is simple and, for most people, easy to use. But it has some problems:. General-purpose backup. Once set up, a general-purpose backup will run automatically, and you never need to remember to run it.

You have more flexibility about where to restore your folder hierarchies. And of course, you can backup all your files, not just PSE. On the other hand, setting up a general-purpose backup correctly can take some computer expertise. When you restore from such a backup, you may need to reconnect your catalog with the new locations of your photos, and it can take some patience to coax the PSE Reconnect command to reconnect all your photos.

Syncing with Photoshop. Though Adobe markets the syncing as an online backup feature, the backup is pretty limited:. If you add or change hundreds of photos, it could take days for the backup to catch up.

Do you want to entrust your backups to a company that takes years to fix basic bugs? If the Help command does not work and you have PSE 6, you can try downloading a patch from Adobe as described in solution 1 of this tech note:.

However, you can access the guide online or download it to your computer as PDF. If you want to access your catalog from multiple computers, there are several viable approaches, depending on your needs. In each of these, you can only access the catalog from one computer at a time. I recommend that you only attempt these if you are comfortable and experienced administering computers, especially with approaches 1, 3, and 4.

Keep the main catalog on your desktop, work on new photos on your laptop, and periodically merge from the laptop to the desktop. This approach would be suitable if you want to take your laptop on trips, downloading, editing, and tagging photos as you go.

When you get home, you copy the photos back to the desktop and import them into your main catalog. See Merging catalogs for a complete discussion of how to do this. Store your catalog and photos on an external hard drive.

If you keep your catalog and all your photos on an external hard drive, you can move the drive from computer to computer. Though external hard drives especially the portable ones can be significantly slower than internal drives, many people have been satisfied with the performance of PSE on such drives.

If you travel extensively using such a drive, be sure you have regular backups on yet another drive, because traveling can be tough on an external drive. To move your photos, see Move your photos to another location. Keep copies of your catalogs and photos synced on the two computers.

In this approach, you keep a copy of your catalog and photos on each computer. In general, this will only work if you keep the photos in the exact same location on each computer. See approach 2 for how to move your catalog and photos. Store your catalog and photos on a shared network drive. See Storing the catalog and photos on a network drive for details.

I strongly recommend not trying this unless you have prior experience with Windows networking. You can configure PSE on the two computers to sync their catalogs via Photoshop. Even different parts of PSE itself interpret those non-standard forms differently. There is another section of metadata stored in a file, called XMP, a standard defined by Adobe and being widely adopted by industry. The XMP section also stores a DateTimeOriginal field, and a recent revision of the XMP standard does explicitly define how to store unknown values for month, date, and time.

The retail license of PSE allows it be used on up to two computers, but only one at a time. For example, the PSE 7 license says:. Subject to the important restrictions set forth in Section 2.

You may be required to contact Adobe in order to make a second copy. The following is based on PSE 7 behavior other versions could vary from this. This may be different from when the photo was taken if film was used. This date is stored only in the catalog itself, not the file. Click on Advanced, and then expand Exif Properties. The most authoritative tool for examining photo metadata is Exiftool Google it.

ExiftoolGUI is supposedly a windowed version built upon Exiftool. Variants of this bug have been present in at least the last several versions of PSE. When it does, the catalog has the new time but the metadata has the old one. The file may not be of a type that supports metadata e. For cases 1 and 2, you need to convert the file to another file type that PSE can handle. The file could be marked readonly or your account may not have permissions to update it. Change the permissions of the file.

Some of those files will have a blue-circle-with-a-checkmark icon, representing close matches, and some will have a red-circle-with-a-slash icon, representing non matches. Close matches are files that match on some but not all of the search criteria. For example, if you search for the keyword tags A and B, a file tagged with A but not B will be shown as a close match.

When a search matches a photo in a stack or version set, the entire stack or version set is included in the search results. Unfortunately, there is no way to suppress non matches from search results, which many users find very annoying.

This behavior makes it impossible to search and select photos meeting a given criteria. Some actual use cases from the Adobe forums:. Someone edited his raw files and saved them in version sets as JPEGs.

He wanted to move just the raw files offline, to free up disk space. Someone wanted to find and select just those photos with 5 stars, including photos that were in stacks. Photos that appear properly rotated landscape or portrait in PSE may appear incorrectly rotated in other programs and services.

You can work around this problem by forcing the PSE Organizer to rotate the actual photo rather than changing the field:. For the photos that don’t appear oriented correctly, rotate them counterclockwise and then clockwise you can do more than one at once. The difference between keyword tags, albums, and stacks can be confusing at first. Knowing the differences between them and how Adobe intended them to be used can make your organizing and searching easier. Keyword tags let you define a particular set of photos, without any particular order.

When you search by tag, the photos are shown ordered by date, newest or oldest first. Tags are best used for organizing your photos according to their content. For example, use tags to identify photos containing particular places, people, and events.

The photos in an album can be shown by album order or by date. Albums are best used only when you need to prepare a particular order for a particular set of photos, e. Some people try to use albums for their basic organizing as well, e. Smart Albums are just saved search queries that get reissued each time you click on the smart album. Some people try to use stacks instead of keyword tags to group disparate photos of the same subject e.

N N N Read all of the following carefully!!! Adobe updates the plug-in fairly often to handle new cameras, and PSE does not automatically update itself with the latest version.

Follow the manual installation instructions precisely! PSE will load every file it finds in the folder or sub-folder, regardless of its name. If you have problems, delete all versions of the Camera Raw. If you continue to have problems, see this tech note for troubleshooting:. Note that the Editor and Organizer use different rules for how to find and load ACR, so it is very possible that if you make a mistake, they will load different versions, and only one will work with your raw files.

If that happens to you, delete all versions of plug-in and start over. To remove the caption from photos that have already been imported:. There may be other restrictions as well? The restriction on ACR is particularly unfortunate on x displays, a popular size for small widescreen notebooks. PSE 7 runs ACR just fine on a x display, with just a small amount of the bottom of the window clipped. A number of people have reported that versions of PSE 5.

Some people have reported problems, but it’s hard to know whether those problems are specific to Windows 7 PSE has a fair number of problems on all versions of Windows. I’ve done limited testing of PSE 5 through 8 on Windows 7 bit. Their support policies are very restrictive, and I’ll bet that they won’t. But on the other hand, Adobe customer support is generally of ragged value. To change the compatibility mode:.

But that can have two negative effects:. While it is running, your computer may be very sluggish. For example, it took seconds to analyze an 8 MB. When zoomed in, the mouse cursor changes to a hand, and you can pan the photo with it. While this seems to work for many people, it may not work for everyone. On my PSE 8, the error occurs very intermittently and rebooting makes it go away.

PSE imposes no fixed limit on the number of images in a catalog. Many people have reported catalogs as large as 25, images, a few have reported as large as 70,, and one recently reported a catalog with , images! In general, there’s no fixed limit, but you’ll want to make sure you have lots of memory, at least 2 GB and preferably 4GB.

Stay away from Map View it just won’t work. The Keyword Tags pane can get sluggish with the larger number of tags that usually come with larger catalogs — see this FAQ for a workaround.

There are at least two conditions under which this occurs:. PSE doesn’t make using multiple catalogs easy, and as a result, I strongly recommend having a single catalog. If there are reasons you perceive for wanting multiple catalogs, there are often features or workarounds that would allow you to be comfortable with a single catalog. For example, PSE handles a 20,photo catalog as well as a 10,photo catalog. Remember that catalogs don’t really “contain” photos, they just contain links to the photos’ locations.

See the utility psedbtool for how to get this metadata correctly written into the photos. Alternatively, you can split a catalog into two or more separate catalogs. In Windows Explorer, make a copy of that catalog folder and change the name of the folder to the name you want for the new catalog. In that new catalog folder, find the file “catalog.

Then delete the photos you don’t want in that new catalog don’t delete them from disk. Repeat to make other subsets of the original catalog. Due to bugs in PSE 6, this method can break projects e. I’ve read that Photoshop CS4, the most recent version, finally fixes this by using the capabilities of mid- to high-end graphics chipsets to render images smoothly at any zoom level.

But PSE doesn’t include that feature. I’m not a graphics expert, so I don’t understand why it is that other programs can do fast smooth rendering at odd zoom levels, while Photoshop CS3 and PSE can’t. There may well be valid engineering reasons. A number of people have noticed that the automatic face recognition at first works pretty well, but then starts recognizing fewer and fewer faces.

There may be two different causes of this, both based on the fact that recognition is a statistical process:. Thus it seems that, as you work through your catalog, the recognizing is performing worse. The downside to this is that you now have two tags for the person, not one. Many of the troubleshooting steps require you to configure Windows Explorer to show hidden folders and files:.

When you click on such a folder, it and others can disappear from the window, and the Get Media box can be grayed out; there could also be strange flickering in the window.

The other images are then transformed repositioned, stretched, or skewed as necessary so that overlapping content layer is matched. Overlapping content is still matched. The reference image is placed at the center. This is best suited for creating wide panoramas.

Aligns and transforms the images as if they were for mapping the inside of a sphere. If you have taken a set of images that cover degrees, use this for degree panoramas. You might also use Spherical to produce nice panoramic results with other file sets. Aligns the layers and matches overlapping content and transforms rotate or scale any of the source layers. Aligns the layers and matches overlapping content, but does not transform stretch or skew any of the source images.

Photoshop Elements 10 and 11 only Interactive Layout. Blend Images Together. Finds the optimal borders between the images and creates seams based on those borders, and to color match the images.

With Blend Images Together turned off, a simple rectangular blend is performed. This may be preferable if you intend to retouch the blending masks by hand. Vignette Removal. Removes and performs exposure compensation in images that have darkened edges caused by lens flaws or improper lens shading. Geometric Distortion Correction.

Content Aware Fill Transparent Areas Seamlessly fill the transparent areas with similar image content nearby. A message asks whether you want to fill the panorama edges that are left transparent.

If you click Yes, Photoshop Elements fills the edges with content-aware healing. Generally, the automatic options in the Photomerge dialog box create satisfactory panoramas.

The Photomerge dialog box for interactive layouts lets you manually rearrange your source images. The Photomerge dialog box contains tools for manipulating the composition, a lightbox for storing source images that are not in use, a work area for assembling the composition, and options for viewing and editing the composition. You can also zoom in and out to better see the alignment of each file.

Lightbox B. Tools C. Work area D. Selected image E. Status bar. Make sure Snap To Image is selected to automatically snap overlapping images into place when a commonality is detected. The Vanishing Point tool selects the vanishing point image, which changes the perspective of the Photomerge panorama composition. Hold down Alt Option in Mac OS when you move the pointer over an image to show the selection border of the photo. When you apply perspective correction to a composition, the non-vanishing point images are linked to the vanishing point image.

You can break this link by clicking the Reposition Only button, by separating the images in the work area, or by dragging the vanishing point image back to the lightbox. After the link is broken, images return to their original shapes. If your composition has a wider angle of view, deselect the Perspective option.

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