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Apr 04,  · #2 There will be no Dark Mode for Control Panel because it is being phased out and replaced by Settings in Windows With WindowBlinds, you can apply a dark theme to every corner of your system, including UWP applications, desktop apps, and dialog boxes. Nov 21,  · Dark Mode Does Not Apply Itself to Control Panel or File Manager Hi, all. So, I applied the Dark Mode in Win 10 today, and something odd happened; it only applied itself to the Win 10 UI windows (Windows Key + i, Start Menu, Windows 10 apps), but not to File Manager or Control Panel items (Computer Management, Device Management, etc). Jun 16,  · Requesting Dark mode for task manager, control panel and programs and feature and the full windows Some apps in windows 10 dont have dark mode. Most of the other applications in my desktop is in dark mode so whenever i open the task manager to see what are the things running in background my eyes hurt in the dark background.

Windows 10 control panel dark mode free download


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Windows 10 control panel dark mode free download

Once you have selected all the services that you want to turn on or off, double click on the service that you want to associate with Windows startup process.


Windows 10 control panel dark mode free download


The new dark mode in Windows 10 keeps getting further refinements with every new feature update shipped for the operating system, but there still are parts that are yet to receive the dark theme treatment. There are lots of users, especially those upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7, who believe that Control Panel needs a dark theme as well — this makes sense at some level given these users upgrade their devices from an operating system where the classic Control Panel is the only way to configure the operating system.

In Windows 10, however, users can turn to the modern Settings app for configuration options, as many of the Control Panel items have been moved here as part of a long-time plan that would have the feature removed altogether.

Basically, Microsoft has pledged to remove the classic Control Panel from Windows 10 in a future update, so the company is now gradually moving features to Settings. When this migration is complete, the Control Panel would technically be pulled, but in the meantime, it continues to be offered side by side with the new Settings app. The upcoming Windows 10 version , for example, barely makes any change related to the transition from Control Panel to Settings, so we likely have to wait many more months until the switch is complete.

The development of Windows 10 version has already been completed last December, and Microsoft is now only focusing on bug fixing and last-minute polishing before the public rollout begins.

The latest versions of Windows 10 make it harder to access the Control Panel, as Microsoft has already removed the majority of shortcuts to launch it. You can, however, simply type Control Panel in the Start menu — shortcuts to specific Control Panel settings have also been added to the Settings app to point you to the relevant options faster. If you still rely on Control Panel on a daily basis, you can just create a desktop shortcut and pin it to the taskbar for faster launching. Once Control Panel is removed, however, all these shortcuts would just stop working.

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