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魅力的な取引で驚くほど効率的なtoyota forklift 6 ton

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Toyota has a wide range of forklifts to serve your materials handling needs. Our Toyota forklift manuals are available for all the top lift truck models. And they are instantly downloadable in a PDF format that can be read on any computer with a PDF reader. Get a Toyota forklift PDF in manual. PDF documents can be read most modern mobile devices. Download Complete Service Repair Manual for Toyota 7FDF/FGF Series Forklift. This Factory Service Repair Manual offers all the service and repair information about Toyota 7FDF/FGF Series Forklift. The information on this manual covered everything you need to know when you want to repair or service Toyota 7FDF/FGF Series Forklift. Engine powered forklift – ton Truck specifications FD20F FD25F Identification Manufacturer TOYOTA TOYOTA Model FD20F FD25F Drive Diesel Diesel Operator type Rider seated Rider seated Load capacity/rated load Q kg Load centre c mm Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork x.


魅力的な取引で驚くほど効率的なtoyota forklift 5 ton


order: 1. Ready-to-ship Products: トヨタフォークリフト 1 24フォークリフト トヨタフォークリフト クラッチマスターフォークリフト クロスジョイントフォークリフト 電子パレットフォークリフト フォークリフト黒靴 フォークリフトプラスチックパレット フォークリフトリアル フォークリフトトヨタシート フォークリフトトラックフォークリフト 燃料フォークリフト日産 家具フォークリフト ホーンフォークリフト huinaフォークリフト. About product and suppliers. 閲覧履歴 一覧.

PR企画 一覧 短期施工で長寿命!床面保護フィルムやラインテープ。カタログ進呈 基板用部品など全10万点超掲載のカタログ。只今サンプル進呈中! 厚板・難削材加工はウォータージェット!導入メリットの資料進呈 厚さ1mm以下で断熱性能を発揮!柔らかく施工簡単。サンプル提供 静音・省メンテな搬送ラインを実現。発塵しにくい摩擦式コンベア. 通常 至急. 購入希望 見積もり希望 カタログ送付希望 価格表送付希望 連絡希望 訪問希望 その他 あと 文字 入力できます。. あと 文字 入力できます。 【ご利用上の注意】 お問い合わせフォームを利用した 広告宣伝等の行為は利用規約により禁止 しております。. あなたの投資があなたに最高の利益をもたらすようにしましょう。の驚くべき範囲を探索してください。 toyota forklift 6 ton はAlibaba. order: 1. order: 1 セット.

A View looking from A. ROTATION 回転センサSENSOR. View looking from A View B looking from B. Dust Motor frame dust is found, stop the Usual temperature rise. motor and clean. Visual check. No remarkable change allowed Foreign matter, Return to normal Motor frame compared with usual operation. splash, liquid condition. No remarkable rise in temperature allowed compared with usual operation.

Motor frame, Return to normal Temperature rise Temperature is below specified values: bearing condition. cover and remove the cause. Visual and audible checks. No remarkable noise or sound allowed compared with usual operation. If any defect is found, Motor frame, Noise Using a sound-check rod, check against stop the motor and bearing, cover new product.

remove the cause. Audible check. nuts paint. Check visually and by tapping. Connections are correct and not loose. Connections Proper insulation is ensured. Check for insulation. Terminals Visual check. No damage to coating allowed. Lead wires Ask specialist for repair. If the motor is used under a severe working condition, earlier or more frequent preventive maintenance is required.

Location Check item Criteria Remedy Check grease leaks, noise, adherence of Roller bearing Bearing sealed type Replace. dust visually or audibly. Check for damage or rough surface due Joined parts Clean. to corrosion visually. Tightened areas Check for looseness, corrosion or seizure Retighten, apply Fasteners visually or by tapping.

anti-rust or replace. Check for damage or rough surface due Joined areas Clean. Visually check that connections are Terminals Connections correct and not loose, and that proper Retighten. insulation is ensured. Ask specialist for Lead wire Check coating for damage visually. Iron core Check for adherence of dust visually. Stator and rotor Clean. assembly Heat. at connections Use V megger Varnish. Rotation sensor Ask specialist for Measure gap 0.

Ask specialist for Thermo sensor Measure resistance Check for damage, discoloration, peeling, Apply anti-rust. Painting Damage or corrosion visually.

Paint again. Clean or apply anti- Deposit of Check for contamination, adherence of Cleanliness rust. contaminants or dust dust or corrosion visually. Screws and wave washers removed should be put in order in boxes. Do not use a metallic hammer. Exercise caution not to allow them to collect moisture, dust, or sand. Any defective parts should be replaced with new one.

Do not use gasoline, petroleum or solvent for cleaning; otherwise the insulation will be impaired. Use a dry cloth or soft brush for cleaning. Connections must be completely insulated with insulation tape. Turn the shaft by hand to make sure it turns smoothly. Run the motor on a trial basis.

The shaft should be applied with anti-rust and covered with oilpaper or vinyl sheet. Replace the bearings with new ones when the temperature rises excessively or produces noise. Sealed bearings sealing in lithium soap-based grease ensure effective lubrication and prevent the entrance of dust. They can be used for a long period of time without adding grease. Earlier replacement may be required if the motor is used at a place which is dusty or might cause the sealed grease to deteriorate or flow out due to the atmosphere of harmful gases or solvent.

INTERNAL BEARING COVER. CONTROL SYSTEM. CONTROL SYSTEM 3. The operating status of the drive motor and the pump motor is detected by the rotation sensor, thermo-sensor and current sensor to feed the information back to the CPU board. WD VD UD. インバータユニット INVERTER UNIT ドライブ DRIVE MOTOR. T 記個瓜﹀. s z SENSORl ACCEl SENSOR2 ACCEし STEER[NG. ー一一一一一一一一一一一一寸 SENSORB OIMREV SENSORA D! UP WD VD UD. インバータユニット INVERTER UNIT. 一一一一一一一一一一島民一一ー 一 一 つ F. DC48V Batt. DC72V Batt 48V from 3 to 3. 骨官了 iM i.

E i z 』「一一-. and 1-ton Class Trucks with an Orbitrol steering system. The potentiometer converts pedal effort into voltage change and sends it to the controller. Turn potentiometer clockwise in neutral state and lock it at 2. Move the lever a few times and make sure the voltage 3. DRIVE UNIT AND DRIVE AXLE. The drive gear is splined to the output shaft of the drive motor, being in mesh with the counter gear 1. The drive gear is supported by two ball bearings on the case. The rotation of the drive gear is transmitted through the counter gears 1 and 2 to the ring gear.

The counter gear 2 of the 81N and the 81U is attached by two tapered roller bearings to the case, with the starting torque adjusted with shims. In the case the differential is installed by two ball bearings. The cross case has two side gears and four pinions in it Two pinions for the model 81E For adjustment of the backlash between each side gear and pinion, a washer is installed. These washers also work as bearings.

To the cross case a ring gear is fitted by a reamer bolt. The ring is in mesh with the final pinion gear. COUNTER GEAR 2 カウンタギヤ2 TAPER PIN. Tightening torque: O-RING O-RING STOPPER.

Starting torque: 1. O-RING COUNTER カウンタギヤ1 GEAR 1. TAPERED ROLLER テーパローラベアリング SPACER スペーサ BEARING Tightening torque: AXLE SHAFT TAPERED ROLLER BEARING TAPERED ROLLER AXLE HOUSING BEARING 4. OIL SEAL front side of the frame. WHEEL BRAKE LOCK NUT. It is mounted at the. The wheel hub is supported on the spindle by two tapered roller bearings, and is driven by the 4. TAPERED ROLLER BEARING AXLE SHAFT OIL SEAL BRAKE DRUM HUB.

AXLE HOUSING 4. LOCK NUT. AXLE SHAFT TAPERED ROLLER BEARING TAPERED ROLLER BEARING AXLE HOUSING WHEEL BRAKE OIL SEAL. Tightening torque: to N-m. BRAKE DRUM. LOCK WASHER Adjust the starting force of the hub while LOCK NUT tightening the adjustment nut gradually. Starting force: 4. BRAKE SYSTEM. Truck model FB FB FB FB FB FBS Item FB FBLB FBV FBV Type Front two wheel braking, internal expansion, hydraulic type Pedal ratio 6. Pedal movement pushes the piston of the master cylinder by means of the push rod, which converts pedal effort into hydraulic pressure.

MASTER CYLINDER. RESERVE TANK MASTER CYLINDER BRAKE SWITCH. BRAKE SWITCH OPERATION DISTANCE: 5 — 10 mm [1. Height: 高さ:97 97mm(FB10~25) mm [3. Built in the master cylinder are a check valve, spring and piston. They are kept in position by a snap ring. The primary and secondary cups installed on the piston slide inside the cylinder when brake pedal is operated. The check valve is operated so that the proper pressure remains in the wheel cylinder and brake pipe.

This pressure keeps pushing the piston cup of each wheel cylinder so as to prevent oil leakage and also prevent vapor locking from occurring.

CHECK SNAP RING VALVE YOKE. LOCK NUT SPRING BOOT PUSH ROD PRIMARY CUP PISTON SECONDARY CUP. m tion axle. ANCHOR PIN. dru rec of n di The wheel brake is composed of two pairs of. io tat brake shoes, a wheel cylinder and adjuster. Ro One end of the brake shoe is contacted with the anchor pin and another end is contacted with the adjuster.

The brake shoes are pushed against the backing plate through the shoe hold-down spring and shoe hold-down pin. ADJUSTER The parking brake mechanism and the automatic clearance adjuster are also built in the Fig. The shoes are kept turning with the Working force brake drum until the top of the secondary shoe. Secondary Primary. comes in contact with the anchor pin. When the secondary shoe comes in contact with the anchor pin, the friction force is generated between the brake lining and the brake drum, and the primary shoe pushes the secondary shoe with a stronger force than the operation force of the wheel cylinder.

Powerful Fig. See Figure 5. LEVER STRUT. The lever is installed on the primary shoe side with a pin. Movement of the lever is also transmitted to the secondary shoe side through the strut. PRIMARY SHOE. The components are as CABLE shown in Figure 5. It is put in action when the brakes are applied while traveling backward.

At this step, the section B of the lever turns the adjuster. As the braking force becomes stronger, the more force is applied to the threaded area of the adjuster, and the force of the lever cannot turn the adjuster. When the brake pedal is released, the brake shoe returns to the initial position, the lever turns counterclockwise around the section A , and the section B moves downward. If a tooth of the adjuster is aligned with the section B of the lever, the B is in mesh with the next tooth and the clearance is adjusted within the range from 0.

An adjuster adjusting the braking force is located on the top of the lever. RELEASE BUTTON PARKING BRAKE LEVER. View looking from C PARKING BRAKE SWITCH.

Turn the point A clockwise when you want a harder pulling force and counterclockwise when you want a lighter pulling force. Parking brake alarm system 1. If the parking brake is released while the key switch in the ON position: Alarm SWITCH. If more than 3 seconds has passed after the parking brake is released and the operator leaves the seat, the alarm buzzer will keep sounding. After it clicks, press another 1 mm [0. Sectional view D – D Sectional view B – B Sectional view E – E. Sectional view of wheel cyl.


STRUT ADJUSTER CUP 7. Sectional view C – C Sectional view E – E. Sectional view A – A. Also remove the adjuster and adjuster spring at the same time.

Remove the bolts securing the wheel cylinder. Remove the wheel cylinder from the backing plate. After that, remove the bolt securing the backing plate and remove the backing plate from the axle. Then remove the other wheel cylinder by pushing with a finger from the opposite side. Measure the clearance between the piston and cylinder.

Standard: 0. If the length is out of the standard value, replace the spring. Unit: mm [in. If any damage or uneven wear is observed, grind it to repair. Replace an excessively damaged or worn drum. Install the spring, piston cup, piston and boot in this order.

a Shoe contacting surface on the backing plate b Anchor pin c Cable guide surface contacting the adjuster cable d Parking brake lever pin e Threaded area of the adjuster and the other rotation areas. In this step, install the spring at first on the primary side and then on the secondary side. Push up the adjuster lever and adjust the diameter, turning the teeth of the adjuster.

When your finger is released, the teeth of the adjuster do not turn and the adjuster lever returns to the original position. Note: If the teeth of the adjuster return with the lever, they are adjusted properly after mounting the brake system on the truck. b Check the shoe return spring and adjuster spring for deterioration, the adjuster for rotation, damaged tooth or damage of the contact area with the teeth of the adjuster lever, and replace any defective parts.

Brake switch operating direction: 5 — 10 mm [0. Pedal height: 97 mm [3. Loosen the brake switch lock nut. Trouble Probable Cause Remedy 1. Brake fluid leaks from the brake system Repair. Maladjustment of brake shoe clearance Check and adjust the adjuster. Overheating brake Check for dragging. Poor braking 4. Poor contact between brake drum and Adjust contact.

force lining 5. Foreign matter sticking to lining Repair or replace. Foreign matter mixed in brake fluid Check brake fluid. Maladjustment of brake pedal Adjust. Lining surface hardened or foreign Repair or replace. matter sticking to lining 2. Deformed backing plate or loose bolts Repair or replace.

Noisy brake 3. Shoes deformed or improperly installed Repair or replace. Lining unevenly worn Replace. Defective wheel bearing Replace. Foreign matter adhering to lining Repair or replace. Maladjusted brake shoe clearance Check and adjust the adjuster. Uneven 3. Malfunctioning wheel cylinder Repair or replace.

braking 4. Shoe return spring defective Replace. Deflected Drum Repair or replace. Improper tire inflation pressure Adjust. Brake fluid leaks from brake system Repair. Soft or spongy 2. brake 3. Air mixed in brake system Bleed air. Pedal maladjusted. Truck model FB FB FBV FBS FB FB FBLB Item FB FB FBV Steering axle Center-pin supported, Elliot type with box-shaped Type cross section of weld construction King pin spacing mm [ When the steering wheel is turned, the rotation is transmitted to the orbitrol; the oil passages in the orbitrol are changed over to direct the hydraulic pressure from the flow divider valve to the power cylinder, which extends or contracts depending on the hydraulic pressure, thereby steering the truck.

See Figures 6A. The power cylinder is housed in the axle to protect it from being damaged by obstacles on the road surface. The axle is installed onto the truck frame through a center pin with bushing and cap, and it cradles around this center pin.


Between the axle boss and the knuckle is a thrust bearing to let the knuckle smoothly rotate around the king pin, sustaining load. The top and bottom needle bearings and thrust bearing are lubricated by grease supplied through the grease fittings at top and bottom of the king pin.

The orbitrol is located at the bottom of the assembly.


TOYOTA L&F 総合カタログ 総合カタログ 株式会社豊田自動織機 トヨタL&Fカンパニー | イプロスものづくり – Developer’s Description

p0be Manual de Servicio y Taller Fb 8 (1) – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. tcm 中古トヨタtonフォークリフト/ディーゼルfd25トヨタフォークリフト/t/3t/2/t, Find Complete Details about 中古トヨタtonフォークリフト/ディーゼルfd25 トヨタフォークリフト5トンの特別割引を見つけるために、ダウンロードをして下さい! Japanese engine diesel forklift truck NIULI ton 2 ton ton ton

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