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We persist in providing machines with high quality, high efficiency and lowest price for customers throughout the world. You are welcome to visit us to inspect the machines. Our Advantage. All machines will be inspected and tested before loading 2. Machines will be adjusted to best condition by our engineer 3. Hotel reservation,Airport pick up,Free repaint and maintenace for machine 2.

Free repaint and maintenace for machine,Tour and shopping guidence. Welcome our clients arrange technical persons to come and check before buying or loading. Product packaging. Container: The cheapest and fast one ;put the machine into container need disassemble.

Flat rack:Often used to ship two wheel loader,max load-bearing is 35tons. Bulk cargo ship :which is better for bigger construction equipment,no need disassemble. RO RO ship :The machine is driven directly into the ship and does not need to be disassembled. You can depend on your own requires to choose one favorite.

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EPA Tier 4 Final standard. EPA Tier 4 Final emission certified. It provides exceptional performance while reducing fuel consumption thanks to a Heavy-duty High-Pressure Common Rail fuel injection system and an electronic control system. Engines, electronics and hydraulic components are all developed by Komatsu in-house and are designed to work cohesively.

Komatsu has achieved great advancements in technology, providing high levels of performance and efficiency in virtually all applications. Unlike a diesel particulate filter system, need for regeneration is eliminated, thus there is no excess maintenance required and there is no downtime for regeneration. A high performance silencer that contributes to the reduction of engine noise, is also integrated. Variable Flow Turbocharger A newly designed variable flow turbocharger enables delivery of an optimal volume of air to the engine combustion chamber under all speed and load conditions.

Exhaust turbine wheel speed is controlled by a flow control valve which controls air flow amount. The result is cleaner exhaust gas while maintaining engine power and performance. The filter then traps oil mist which is returned back to the crankcase for combustion.

NOx emission is reduced, resulting in cleaner exhaust gas. Significant fuel economy can be achieved especially in high cycle operations where fast-paced loading, unloading, and directional changes are prevalent. In case of high load work, in annual This supports fuel-saving, economical driving and contributes to reducing environmental impact. The results may vary depending on conditions.

If the operator applies the parking brake, sets the directional lever in the neutral position and leaves the forklift truck but without stopping the engine, the engine is automatically shut down after a preset time. This feature prevents unnecessary fuel consumption caused by needless idling.

Engine shutdown time can be set from 1 minute to 5 minutes 6. The hydraulic lift system uses a “Variable displacement pump with CLSS”, a highly efficient hydraulic system employed in Komatsu hydraulic excavators. All the components contribute to outstanding controllability as well as fuel savings and a reduced burden on the environment.

Since this system does not have a clutch, there is no possibility of heat loss or slippage which could be caused by the inching operation. Thus the system minimizes power transmission losses. This type of system might generate more heat and slippage of the clutch, especially if used in a high cycle applica- tion where the inching pedal is used frequently.

This system makes very efficient use of the engine power, resulting in reduced fuel consumption. With this system the operator also can lift the load with the engine running at slow speeds. Many times this delivers an excessive amount of oil and leads to added loading on the engine and added fuel consumption. Hydraulic oil tank Fixed displacement gear pump Cylinder Large engine power Control valve Engine Large hydraulic loss Hydraulic oil tank Variable displacement pump Cylinder Control valve Engine Small engine power No hydraulic loss 6 7.

Electronically-controlled HST Provides Exceptional Operability High-quality and Reliable Komatsu Components Heavy-duty Sealed Wet Multiple-disc Brakes Shock-free shifting The HST drive system is continuously a variable speed transmission and provides smooth acceleration and stepless ratio changes, thus there are less shock and worries for load shifting.



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WordPress Shortcode. Their performance is field-proven in Komatsu con- struction equipment. KOMTRAX also provides the information you need to maximize output through increased efficiencies, just-in-time maintenance, and preventative maintenance. You are reading a preview. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Bulk cargo ship :which is better for bigger construction equipment,no need disassemble.


Lift Height h3 2-stage Std. Lifting Height: Other. Hydraulic oil tank Donwload displacement gear pump Cylinder Large engine power Control valve Engine Large hydraulic loss Hydraulic oil узнать больше Variable displacement pump Cylinder Control valve Engine Small engine power No hydraulic loss 6 7. You May Like.

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