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Edm tutorial logic pro x free download. Point Blank Tutorial: Making an EDM track in Logic

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It shows how to sample a kick and isolate it from the whole mix. You will learn how to properly set the compressor and equalizer … in literally seconds! You will also discover tricks for using time-based effects in a tight arrangement without cluttering your mix, how to create wider reverbs … and the know-how of mixing and mastering!

So take a seat more conveniently and enjoy this exclusive course with one of the best educators on the planet Olav Basoski! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. What if you want to do a snare roll that detunes for each step? In edit mode, EXS24 lets you drag samples onto the keyboard, and select what range they are in.

So you can essentially do a traditional type keyboard split. Or you could drag in 12 drum samples, and assign each to 12 different keys, akin to a hardware keyboard.

We recommend that if you build your drums with EXS24, that you do it one instance per track. In other words, on track 1 import your snare into EXS24, then on track 2, load another instance of EXS24 for your hi-hats, then on track 3 another instance for your kick, etc. ES2 is a much fatter analog sound than Alchemy, but complements it nicely.

It sports 3 oscillators, but you can turn off one or two of them, and just end up with a 1 oscillator synth. Finally, as an added bonus, is Retro Synth. This is 4 synths in 1. Although not necessarily EDM specific, it will give you a good feel for FM synthesis vs more of a Moog analog type synth.

The first must have and probably most affordable would be Sylenth1. Many of the big names use it, and in fact it comes with some Steve Aoki designed presets. The second must have is the much maligned Nexus 2. It comes down to this, are you a musician, or a sound designer? And guess what, Michael Jackson had a number 1 album called Thriller… it featured a Synclavier …and the intro to Beat It is a default patch…. Nicky Romero Kickstart basically takes away the need of doing side chain compression to the Kick drum.

Your next purchase should probably be Serum , although there is a bit of a learning curve with this one. It is probably our favorite wavetable synth. You can really automate a lot on this beast. Most of the knobs can be automated, and that automation can be assigned to the 3 Envelopes and 4 LFOs, which really offer a ton of options.

Very useful for Dubstep, and it has a decent sound for Future Bass as well. The next thing to consider is Massive. Serum beat this one on the list because Massive is getting a bit long in the tooth and in desperate need of an update. Actually, an update is slated for Summer This synth is what put Dubstep on the map. The Performers are like the next iteration of Steppers.

Rather than just velocity per step, you can have curves for the velocity per step. Performers are also a great way to make risers for EDM. If you are a tweak head, you can get Reaktor with Komplete, which can be used for EDM, but will require knowledge of sound design.

Not a synth, but kind of the Envelope portion of a synth! A valuable tool nonetheless. Armin Van Buuren uses this often to get his Kick just right.



The Logic Fiends’ Guide to EDM on Logic Pro X – Logic Fiends.Free Logic Pro X Tutorials |


Whether you have a turntable or CDJ, a mixer, or a set of headphones, you can enjoy the benefits of an advanced audio editing program that has an impressive collection of DJ tracks. DJs can work with any kind of DJ hardware that they have in their studio. With a high end DJ laptop, you can connect your mixer, turntables, and headphones. Even if you have no CDJs or turntables, Logic Pro X provides a sound editor that will create great, professional-looking music from scratch.

This means that your music will be in real time, without any delays. For mixing your tracks, Logic Pro X comes loaded with features such as the Loop Master, which allows you to change tracks within your mix without having to take out your headphones.

You can also add effects such as reverb and delay to your tracks with the Loop Effects option. The Auto-Tune feature automatically applies different levels to your audio. If you have a lot of vocals and instruments, the Auto-Tune button works very well for creating a great sounding track.

He uses the Auto-Tune feature to apply a low pass filter to make his vocals sound more like real instruments. Another great feature of this advanced audio editor is the Mixer. With this feature, you can easily mix your audio with another track or an effect, so that you can quickly transition between two beats without interrupting your original beat.

If you are using a compressor or a limiting plugin on your track, the mixer will allow you to adjust the equalizer of one track and then apply the same filter to the other track. You can even add your own instrument to the mix by adding your own drum, bass, guitar, or voice to any track. With this feature, you can easily create the beat and then layer it with your other music.

Logic Pro X gives you a great way to create the same type of sound in real time. Whether you want to create a rock type sound or a techno sound, you will find that it is easy to create a great, quality track when you use Logic Pro X. The number of new tracks that you can make is unlimited, which allows you to make a lot of new tracks in a short amount of time.

This makes it ideal for beginners, since you can learn new techniques and sounds much faster than with other programs. Learning how to make EDM music in Logic Pro X also gives you a chance to take advantage of the many new tools that are available for your studio.

There are a lot of loops and tracks available for you to download and you can make your own with just a few clicks of your mouse. When you are working with audio files from your computer or a lot of them, you need to be able to transfer these files as quickly as possible so that you can mix the audio files.

Audio editors are also essential for mixing audio files together. It is difficult to mix a bunch of files at the same time if they are all being sent in the same direction. You will be able to learn how to properly mix audio and sound with this advanced audio software. Show More. With Product You Purchase Subscribe to our mailing list to get the new updates!

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