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Download The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall for Windows & read reviews. An addictive sequel for The Elder Scrolls fans. An RPG set in world rich with magic, myth, action and adventure. Have you spent summer days under a tree looking around imagining the Shire, Rivendell.


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The most exciting vertical scrolling shooter available on the market today! DemonStar elevates shooters to an entirely new level by offering powerful, authentic shooting features, stunning graphics, g.

MC Command Center is a free game modification that is made specifically for Sims 4. MCCC integrates into the Sims 4 game to let you easily customise your user experience. You can personalise an incred. The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall for Windows 2. Download Latest Version for Windows Download Latest Version for Free Paradise Pet Salon.

Crayon Physics. McDonald’s Videogame. The Elder Scrolls: Arena The Elder Scrolls: Arena is the first offering in this renowned role-playing saga and has been enjoyed by generations of gamers. Do you remember waking up with The Lord of the Rings on your lap as you try to remember the night before and visions of Gandalfs fall play across the back of your eyes?

If your childhood shared a single event that you can compare to the things I’ve just named As it is, you could have no idea what I’ve been talking about and still have a great time playing it. But there is a certain person who’s heartbeats in sync with the creators of this masterpiece of art meets entertainment meets role play and virtual world-building.

This story begins like all great stories. With the creation of your heroes, your protagonist, or maybe even more fitting, your avatar in the place. The wide array of choices you have to make you feel like you were dropped into a Dungeons and Dragons campaign except for the words that you’d recited so many times it became burned into your brain has now been given try visual form.

You’re looking at him, in fact, because the character creation menu has let you totally customize your character’s race and class, size, dimensions, shadows, and scars. The Half-Elf on screen makes you feel that sense of wonder that even now you can sometimes lose yourself in.

The Hallmark of good fantasy is it literature, a movie, or, in this case, a video game is excruciating and painstaking care that must be taken with the most minute and seemingly meaningless details because it’s through that level of world-building that your world begins to grow.

And at that point, it now lives outside of you in the minds of so many and on the computer monitors of so many. This was the single greatest undertaking of its time, and it spawned maybe the most celebrated series of all time.

The Elder Scrolls series have brought us back again and again to Tamriel, and perhaps its the Dark Elf rogue that I still plan to make one day or the Old Wizard that has yet to make an appearance that keeps us returning. That forever search for better arms and armor, more powerful magic, and hidden secrets. Sign In. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

Your Store Your Store. Categories Categories. Special Sections. All Sports. Player Support. Community Hub. Bethesda Softworks. Recent Reviews:. All Reviews:. Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Is this game relevant to you? Sign In or Open in Steam. Languages :. Publisher: Bethesda Softworks. Franchise: The Elder Scrolls.


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STD file. By Nwart. Fixes several broken quests since the last official patch 1. Also adds five new quests. Fix the Q0C00Y03 Quest. An extension to HackFall above. Adds quick save and “turbo fire” LMB clicking for inventory navigation. STD Fix. PDF file within. A mini-quest given by the mages guild which allows one to watch all the in-game videos sequentially. An interesting mod that lets you play the game as a Daedra. See the Daedrafall mod page for more information.

The first and possibly greatest, complete third-party add-on for the game. Includes lots of new things like knights on horses, more powerful monsters and more see AndyFall Article. AndyFall with only aesthetic changes and no Gameplay changes. You may also want only a part of AndyfallLite, you can find it here: MountedGuards.

Allows Andyfall to run without a CD. Unzip into the Daggerfall directory and read the accompanying text file. A fork of Andyfall by Marty Runyon, mainly adding a white dress for female elves and changing the skin color of dark elves. Attempts to make playing as a lycanthrope more interesting.

Adds a loose clan-like ‘guild’ for shifters, with quests, NPCs, services, artifacts, potions, and items etc. Faces for wood elves, high elves, and nordic women. These faces are not compatible with helmets. Characters aren’t naked anymore if you remove their clothes. Perfect if you play this around children. A mod that simply replaces the body of the high elf to Almalexia’s body from Morrowind and adds in a head to match. A modified version of the TEXT.

Read the AddText. Txt that comes with it for more info. More custom quests for the game. Read the Help File which comes in the zip for more info. Several new custom quests which one can add to the game. Created by one of the quest editors that exist. The PFD version 0. Projet French Daggerfall Web Site. This is a German translation of Daggerfall. Status: pre-Alpha Daggerfall Deutsch Website. DOS based save game editor. Edit: name, class, sex, race, speed setting, level up modifier, some general reputations, skill values, skill use counters, level, location, transport type, gold, HP, SP, fatigue Monster editor; item editor.

Save game editor that allows you to edit faction reputation and legal reputation for characters, perhaps the only known editor that allows you to manipulate the latter. Comes with English and French documentation. Created by Ferital on the Bethesda forums. A good windows savegame editor with lots of options and capabilities. Copy the EXE to a temp directory and execute to unzip the program files. DOS program to edit any item in your savegame! Change name, uses, cost, enchantments, type, picture and more.

Unzip into your Daggerfall directory. Save game editor for Windows. Repair items in save games. Useful since patch 1. Change your location in save games.

Useful for bypassing that magically locked door in a dungeon. Reputation Editor. Edit your reputation with guilds, people and factions. Read the text file that comes with the editor, REP Second version of a Save Game Editor allowing you to edit most statistics, attributes, and skills.

Unzip into main Daggerfall directory. Includes C source and text file. Daggerfall Graphical Utilities Skill Editor. It can repair all items, recover lost quest items, and label unknown potions with their effect. Level: Special: Wereboar. Skills: Long Blade 89 , Destruction Mages Guild 9 9 , Akatosh Chantry 9 9. Artifacts: 3. Artifacts: All. Guilds: Rank 9 in all. Level: 4. Special: Vampire. Special: Werewolf. Large, Daggerfall. Medium Size, Crossing, Wrothgarian Mountains.

As the application comes bundled in a zip. It is also referred to as a graphical user interface tool that can manage MySQL databases. The d. UltraSurf functions in the same ways as a VPN, though it is fundamentally different. This free service was created by Ultrareach Internet Corp for the sole purpose of helping users bypass strict censo. You can use it to apply a variety of sound effects and filters to your system. Detailed audio interfacePeace Equalizer of.

The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall 2. All you need to do is uncompress the ZIP or 7z file into your Games folder e. See the Help page for more info. Need more info about this game? Would you like to download the other files? The gameplay is in-depth and runs in real-time. Skills such as lockpicking, and pickpocketing makes it easy to get rich quick. Daggerfall gives players everything they want in an RPG. Available for PC only. There are modern RPGs out there with better controls, and silkier graphics, but the classic storyline, and gameplay make Daggerfall number one for an absorbing RPG experience.

Daggerfall broke the mould when it was first released. It continues to set the bar high for RPGs. Gameplay and variety is plentiful. You will love it, play it, and play it again. Yes, there is no better option for a classic storyline. Endless potential routes make this game an unequalled success almost impossible to put down. You could play Daggerfall, and experience unlimited outcomes every time you play it.

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